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Miikka Leinonen – Dreamfields (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

Release date April 26th 2011

I’ve just had the honor to remix the guy behind the legendary Shadow Hearts from 2007. This time Miikka Leinonen has made yet another brilliant uplifiting track and I’ve tried to give a more techy touch. It will be in download stores very soon. For a little preview play go to facebook.com/jonashornblad

From Fraction Records send-out: Jonas Hornblad is on hand for the remix with a real groove filled work out! Heavy kick drums and basslines underpin the track superbly against the percussion and top lines into the breakdown, before dropping with an absolutely huge hands in the air buzzing lead synth and chorus section – essential!

Jonas Hornblad – Paraglider

Jonas Hornblad - Paraglider

Release date April 11th 2011

After a long wait my track Paraglider is finally on promo. A preview can be found on www.facebook.com/jonashornblad and here is the text from the send-out:

Jonas Hornblad has his first original release with us after several top notch remixes over the years. Boasting his delightful progressive sounds he brings us the massive Paraglider on the main Alter Ego Records imprint!

In addition we have 3 fantastic remixes to choose from including Signalrunners man Alan Nimmo and Alter Ego stars Colonial One and Lesko & Lorentzen

The Original mix is packed to the rafters with quirky fun boasting one of the most hypnotic melodies you will hear this year! Super crisp tones from the off, Jonas takes you on a proper journey with this one as it jets along effortlessly. Will work great for those earlier sets!

Alan Nimmo’s remix is a real treat, a massive deeper rendition that will work fantasticly on the floors
! Funky deep tones from the Signalrunners star with bouncy, stabby techy rhythms and playful percussion. Dont miss this one!

Colonial One drop in to lend their hand to the proceedings and take things up a notch or three with their brilliant trademark plucks, super crisp percussion and bass lines. The Italian brothers add a slightly different emotional melody on top which works brilliantly!

Lesko & Lorentzen take care of the last remix and round the package off in style, borrowing all the best bits from the original and stamping their unique sound all over it turning it into more peak time action!

Moein – New Dawn (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

Moein - New DawnI think this is the quickest time from production to release I’ve ever had. About a week ago I was still working on this remix and now it’s on the Alter Ego Records website. I which it could always be like this. Release date November 30th.

From the Alter Ego website: “Iranian star Moein is back on Alter Ego with possibly one of our biggest tracks this year ‘New Dawn’. Opulent melodies, lavish sounds and a percussion set & bassline that will make any dance floor erupt! We also have two special remixes to boot from Label boss Rory Gallagher & Jonas Hornblad…”

Read more and listen here: http://alteregorecords.com/releases/11821

St Marie (Jonas Hornblad Remix) OUT NOW!

My mate AJ Hutch has a couple of releases line-up and for this one I’ve made a remix for him. In this packade you’ll find the Original Mix, John Dopping Remix and Jonas Hornblad Remix. It’s out on November 1st on Resonate Records but you can find it now at Audiojelly.com

My latest remixes has been a bit slower, but that’s not the case with this one. This is full on driving trance and you can even find some old fashion 303-ish sounds in there.

Great night at Göta Källare

Had a great night at Göta Källare the other day. Got to try out a couple of new mashups incl mine and Hodels track Hydrogen mashed with the class Touch Me by Cassandra Fox

AJ Hutch – St Marie (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

I did a remix for my mate Andrew aka AJ Hutch a while back. Apparantly it’ll come out soon on Resonate Records together with the Original Mix and the John Dopping Remix. Expect some old school 303-ish sounds from my end.

Freedom (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

This brilliant release from Alex Lamb and Christina Skaar is now released with remixes from Jonas Hornblad, Alex Sayz, John De Sohn and Andy Harding

United As One (Jonas Hornblad Remix)

Alex Sayz has teamed up with Sibel from Swedish Idol and the package includes a remix from Jonas Hornblad.